Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Twilight Zone: The Musical Revue - Welcome to Maple Street

(Sung to the tune of "On the Street Where You Live")

We have always lived on this street before

But we’ve never seen such evil and deceit before

From the neighbors who we once thought we knew
On our dear Maple Street where we live

Does your Chrysler start? Have you any lights?

Why, I’ve seen you up and working late so many nights

And your picket fence could be evidence

For j’accuse on the street where we live

And oh! The heightening feeling

That our friends are not what they seem

It’s such a frightening feeling

That any second we could wake up from this dream

Is it Commie plot, or attack from Mars?

Well, we'll teach them not to tangle with the Stars n’ Bars

Honey, grab my gun, ‘cause it’s time to run
And defend Maple Street where we live

And of course, a coda from the aliens...

Now you see the plan? Pure simplicity

Be selective when you cut off electricity

Once they’re feeling stressed, nature does the rest

As we take every street where they live

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