Friday, July 9, 2010

The Heart, It's...It's...Escaping the Jar!

Continuing my well-intentioned though ultimately impotent efforts at world domination, please be advised, gentle Jarheads, that I am now communicating with the world through Twitter -- though, for a bird my size, it's a bitch finding a tree branch strong enough to support me.

And for those of you musically inclined, I exercise my old dj muscles on -

(Yep, Soul-Shear, as in "Soul-shearing, mind-numbing, senses-shattering Horror!" I am such a comic book geek.)

Finally, as always, feel free to Facebook friend Steve Senski. I've been told I'm funnier in short form.

Yep, Rupert Murdoch ain't got nothin' on The Jar, peoples. Just like Arch Oboler's Chicken Heart, this Heart shall eventually consume all that is. And so that this post has at least a modicum of entertainment value, and for those unfamiliar with the previous reference, I submit the following for your approval.


Wings1295 said...

I am following you now... mu-hahahahaha

senski said...

I wondered why that mourning dove kept staring in the window earlier. Admit it, Wings, you're a shape-shifter.