Tuesday, July 6, 2010

My Heart Redivivus

It beats again.

It's been almost a month since my last posting, Jarheads, and I hope it doesn't come as too much of a surprise as to why I have been AWOL from regular missives. As regular readers know, Yours Truly was summarily released from his job in mid-April in a manner that was truly beneath contempt, and sent me into quite the spiral. I am gratified that a good many people were also upset by my abrupt dismissal, and the reverberations continue to echo and re-echo, much to my employer's chagrin. But for a good two month period, friends, I confess -- I never again want to experience depression lower than that. But what was once a famine of potential work has suddenly turned into a feast, and I can say with great confidence that I'll be coming out of this sad situation in a much improved professional and financial situation. I know that there are many readers of this blog who were sending me lots of positive thoughts and prayers - 2010 has been a rough year so far - and I thank you for them from the bottom of my jarred heart.

But while others may turn to their bloggage as a means of coping with a rough patch, I have learned that I need to do it from a position of (relative) security and comfort. At long last I can say that I'm at that point, and so...let the fearsome thoughts fly again!

It's good to be back.


Unknown said...

That's great to hear, and I have seen a lot of people fall into the unemployed slump, and it can really be a difficult one to recover from. Good to see you poke your nose out and very happy that things are back on the upswing!

Jeff Allard said...

Excellent news, Senski! Glad things are going your way again!

Jay Watson said...

This is great news indeed!
Someone with your talent and creativity is like a mecha-cat-creature (like Mecha-Gojira I'm thinking, but without the "bugs)... I knew you'd land on your feet. Now tear off someone's head with a roar (metaphorically speaking of course Senksi)

Anonymous said...

Glad to have you back Senski, missed you man. Good to hear all is getting back on track too.

senski said...

Thanks, everyone!