Friday, December 4, 2009

Welcome back to the Darkness, Jeannot

Fox has just posted a behind-the-scenes teaser for next week's episode of Fringe, and horror fans should sit up and take notice of the gentleman helming the installment - Jeannot Szwarc. The French-born director has made quite a career in recent years with episodic TV, directing eps of Smallville, Heroes, Without a Trace, Cold Case and Bones, but the upcoming "Grey Matters" marks his return to honest-to-goodness Horror after almost 25 years, when he helmed a pair of stories for the 1985 version of Twilight Zone. But before that...ah. He had a ten-year stint in Hollywood overseeing such pictures as 1975's Bug, Jaws 2, Somewhere in Time, Supergirl and the 1985 yuletide disaster Santa Claus. (That last one effectively put the kibosh on silver screen work in America, but he continued to shoot movies in France.) But before that....double ah. Before that, seventeen tales from Rod Serling's Night Gallery, including the unforgettable adaptation of Lovecraft's "Cool Air," "The Class of '99" with Vincent Price, and the two tales widely regarded as the best of the series - "Sins of the Fathers" and "The Caterpillar." was a female...and the female... Rod Serling sang Szwarc's praises repeatedly before the writer passed on in 1975, and since J.J. Abrams has often called Fringe "Rod Serling meets David Cronenberg," this is a homecoming of sorts.

I'm really hoping they open up that guy's brain and find an earwig. And how Fringe-y would that be, huh?

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