Saturday, December 12, 2009

If you see only one movie this year...

...make sure it's the one advertised with this trailer.


Jay Watson said...

Great video post Steven...certainly exciting, entertaining, and adrenaline raising... I've seen many of 'em and enjoyed them.
But it makes me think; what did we all do before the advent of CGI, mega-pyrotechnics, Blue Screen/Green Screen/Puce Screen and loud Carmina Burana-esque music rip-offs...
Oh thats' right we watched movies with clever plots, interesting dialog, bravura acting (or restrained as the scenes called for it), and actual scores by masters such as Goldsmith, Steiner, Rozsa, and Herrmann.
Ah, it's all good!

I Like Horror Movies said...

My question would have to be how the hell did they get such high quality sources for so many films that arent even on DVD or BR yet??

senski said...

rogue, I often feel like I was born at the exact right time - to be able to view the movies from the 1930s to the 1960s with a sense of wonderment (and the ability to meet them halfway in the fx department), and allowing myself to be impressed by developments in CGI. I'm sorry for those young people whose fx eye is already so sophisticated that I wonder what Hollywood can do to keep them intrigued. Eventually, it has to lead back to simplicity, and story & character over spectacle...or so I hope.

Carl, I was wondering the same thing...are we looking at an inside job here?