Thursday, December 31, 2009

A New Year's Gift

Well, not technically from me, but while trolling through YouTube, I did happen to notice that some kind soul has very recently uploaded the 1987 flick Bloody New Year in its entirety. While it's not New Year's Evil (which, let's face it, has its own limited attributes, but is not without its charm), BNY is...pretty damn bad. But in a fun way, and with the reanimated dead. And since I'm assuming that many of my loyal readers may be partaking in potent potables on this night of festivities, I'm guessing that can only add to the effect. So, to paraphrase the late Tom Snyder, fire up the colortinis and watch the pictures as they fly through the Interweb.

Happy New Year, friends. To hell with 2009. Bring on The Year We Make Contact!


Anonymous said...

Will watch when I've got more time. Always wanted to see this.

Happy New Year dude!

Pax Romano said...

Happy New Year, Steve!

senski said...

Thank you, gents - right back at ya!