Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What are you doing New Year's Day?

Lord willing and the creek don't rise, I'm guessing I'll be at my local cinema to see Paramount unceremoniously dump the Renee Zellweger / Bradley Cooper starrer Case 39 into theaters. It was supposed to screen in November - and much of the rest of the world will see it before the calendar turns - but here in the US it was announced yesterday it will straggle in while you're still cleaning up your confetti and plastic champagne glasses. In all my years of following film, I do believe this is the only time I have ever heard of a major studio release on January 1st. Jeez, Paramount, it's not like you're overloaded with product at year's end (Up In the Air and The Lovely Bones look to be it, plus whatever they eventually wind up doing with Paranormal Activity). When a flick gets pushed back to January, without even the pretense of an Oscar-qualifying run, it's never, never good. More bad news for Renee, who is fast becoming the Queen of Movies No One Wants to See, and director Christian Alvart, whose Pandorum did not deserve the dismissal from audiences it received last weekend. It does have Cooper, who looks like he spends at least some time in the movie partially clothed. Can't they sell that?

Poor little horror movie.

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