Monday, October 26, 2009

Horrorbles Is on the Air!

A super-scary salute to Horrorbles, the Berwyn IL store dedicated to be your one-stop shopping destination for all that is fearsome and freaky. Proprietor John Aranza recently moved his ware to new, more spacious digs, and it seems that I'm always getting updates about new fright features and events. I have bittersweet feelings about John's store; I'm saddened that I discovered it mere days before I moved out of the Chicago area, but grateful that I avoided the personal bankruptcy that would have surely followed! They were featured on this morning's WGN News in the "Around Town" segment (local news is always looking for stories like this - back in 2003 I got to show off some of my collection and opine on the state of Horror, but all I cared about was not looking fat), and in case you missed it, here it be...

Stop in anytime you're in the vicinity of the Windy City, or go to their website. And John, take my advice - an old-fashioned soda fountain where us old horror warriors can compare scars and show off our terror trivia-filled brains. Congrats!

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pianomanz said...

I was going to call you when it was on this morning, but I figured it was too early. Never fear, the internet to the rescue!