Monday, October 5, 2009

Under the Dome - The Cover Uncovered

After much fanfare - and a gradual four-stage roll-out - Scribner today unveiled the jacket for Stephen King's upcoming novel Under the Dome in its entirety. The massive tome (1088 pages!) will hit bookstore shelves on November 10th.

Seen in panorama, the full sweep of the jacket is certainly cinematic in scope; Scribner and King are boasting of the effect achieved though a blending of photography and computer fx. It sure looks like a movie ready to leap off the page.

As impressive as it is, I also like the simplicity of the German edition - the iconic image of the snow globe, the cracked glass, the blood inside.

Anyone care to bet on how soon this will be up on the silver screen? Or maybe the small screen?


Simon B said...

Didn't that happen to Springfield in the Simpsons movie?

senski said...

Yeah, King is complaining that he's getting tons of comments on that - watch for him to lose his cool at some point in the next couple of months!

Hey, cerebus - any blog that welcomes me with a John Buscema sketch is a nice place to visit!