Friday, January 1, 2010

A New Year's Day Tradition... the Senski household was the putting away of Christmas gifts (the tree stayed up until January 6 - twelve days, dontcha know) and, as the TV was tuned to football, the card table would be set up in the living room, and that would become the place for the family puzzle, with at least a few of them - the bigger the better - having served as presents just a week before. Now, while I can't offer you one of the 5000 piece monsters that were our stock in trade, I can offer you monsters of a different sort. If they had these types of puzzles when I was six years old, I might never have left that card table.

Sometimes you come to the Jar for cogent commentary, lacerating wit, and unimpeachable research. And sometimes...ya just want a jigsaw puzzle.

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