Monday, March 22, 2010

Tuesday Terror Trivia for 3/23!

In a classic commercial from the early 1970s, a much-beloved movie monster is employed to advertise the spaciousness of a new product, one that had not previously been known for being particularly roomy. Unfortunately, the ad campaign didn't last very long, as the company decided they didn't like the image of a monster using their product. What was the item being advertised? Please be specific and complete.


Pax Romano said...

I remember this one!

The VW Bus was used to help Dr.Frankenstein and company escape an angry crowd!

And here's the ad:

senski said...

Wow, Pax - I want you on our Trivia team, because right now you might be giving the guy that writes the contest a major ulcer!

Everything about your answer is right, except for one thing - I can't find any evidence of the ad being pulled because of the company's displeasure. In fact, I remember seeing that VW Bus ad a number of times. The one in my ? was rather famously pulled off the airways. (That's my CYA answer!)

If no one else comes up with the answer I was looking for, I'm giving you the win!