Saturday, July 24, 2010

It's the Billy Loves Stu Horror Blogger Meme!

Over at Billy Loves Stu, my good friend, the inimitable Pax Romano, has kicked off a meme for Horror bloggers, and it's a fun one, so here goes. In his honor, it's in a lovely shade of fuchsia.

1: In Ten Words or Less, Describe Your Blog:

Good Lord, Pax, it usually takes me a paragraph to clear my throat! But since I'm trying to make Heart in a Jar more representative of my recent creative burst, let's just say it's "A work in progress."

2: During What Cinematic Era Where you Born?
A: The Classic Horror Era (late 30's to 40's)
B: The Atomic Monster/Nuclear Angst Era (the late 40's through 50's)
C: The Psycho Era ( Early 60's)
D: The Rosemary's Baby Era (Mid to Late 60's)
E: The Exorcism Era (Early to mid 70's)
F: The Halloween Era (Late 70's to Early 80's)
G: The Slasher Era (Mid to late 80's)
H: The Self Referential/Post Modern Era (1990 to 1999)

I was born in the Psycho era, but really grew into my tastes during the Rosemary's Baby / Exorcist eras. How I long for the days when Horror was everywhere.

3: The Carrie Compatibility Question:
(gay men and straight women - make your choice from section A)
A: Billy Nolan or Tommy Ross, who would you take to the prom?
(straight guys and lesbians - make your choice from section B)
B: Sue Snell or Chris Hargensen, who would you take to the prom?

At the time, I would have been horribly torn. Guys like Billy sure made high school an unpleasant place, so I would have to say Tommy. Today I'm just looking for "kind." And "sweet." And "intelligent." And "talented." And "versatile." And...

4: You have been given an ungodly amount of money, and total control of a major motion picture studio - what would your dream Horror project be?

I'm going to cheat, and say that I'd like to be Executive Producer of a slick new re-vamp of "Night Gallery" as an HBO anthology series. As luck would have it, that dream took a considerable step toward reality this week. I'm still reeling!

5: What horror film "franchise" that others have embraced, left you cold?

To tell the truth, most of them. Sequelization has diluted almost everything it touches, even back to the classic era. I like my one-shots, which is probably why I enjoy my Horror short and and to the point.

6: Is Michael Bay the Antichrist?

Hell yes. I tried to organize a flash mob dancing to "Xanadu" to disrupt the Milwaukee & Chicago shooting of the latest Transformers travesty, but no takers. Slack asses.

7: Dracula, The Wolf Man, The Frankenstein Monster - which one of these classic villains scares you, and why?

I'll go with Wolfie, as I don't imagine I'd much enjoy being eaten alive. So to speak.

8: Tell me about a scene from a NON HORROR Film that scares the crap out of you:

The last 30 minutes of "Miracle Mile" from 1988, right down to the slow drone of an early warning siren playing out over the tail end of the credits.

9: Baby Jane Hudson invites you over to her house for lunch. What do you bring?

Sheet music. I know I'm gonna wind up at the piano.

10: So, between you and me, do you have any ulterior motives for blogging? Come, on you can tell me, it will be our little secret, I won't tell a soul.

I started the Jar when I was laid up with pneumonia, I suspended it when I was laid off, and re-started it as I'm laying out a slew of projects for stage and screen? Notice a trend?

11: What would you have brought to Rosemary Woodhouse's baby shower?

A contract for film and publishing rights.

12: Godzilla vs The Cloverfield Monster, who wins?

Well, the radioactive halitosis sure comes in handy for the Big G, but what about all those nasty parasites that are running loose? Either way, I think we lose.

13: If you found out that Rob Zombie was reading your blog, what would you post in hopes that he read it?

How much I enjoyed Hellbilly Deluxe, and how much I'd like to see him return to the recording studio and produce a proper follow-up. Take a decade if need be...

14: What is your favorite NON HORROR FILM, and why?

Network. That dialogue, that wit, those performances, with a pitch-black satirical heart beating within its breast. And ahead of its time like few other films.

15: If blogging technology did not exist, what would you be doing?

Blogging jump-started my need to write again after years of inactivity. Let's not consider the alternative, ok?


Pax Romano said...

Wonderful color choice! Thanks for playing! Love the idea of you playing piano while Jane sings, "I've Written A Letter to Daddy"!

Anonymous said...

Ah memes: you're braver than I am....

Hey, I've been reading you for some time and I love what you got here, fellow Horror Blogger Alliance member; therefore, I thought you would be well-deserving of this:


Peace out.