Monday, April 5, 2010

Calling for Horror Trivia!

If you notice over at my Facebook badge, there is a rather unusual logo that will remain in place for the next few weeks. That is the majestic emblem of The Cakers*, longtime participants in the annual World's Largest Trivia Contest, originating out of Stevens Point, Wisconsin courtesy of the fine folks at the University of Wisconsin / Stevens Point's own radio station, WWSP. It draws over 10,000 players from around the globe, and I've been involved in this yearly extravaganza in one way or another since 1983: I'll be playing with the Cakers again this year (although, due to work commitments, my time spent with the team will be woefully truncated). It's that involvement which inspired the weekly Tuesday Terror Trivia Challenges here at the Jar; yes, even my team bitches at me for coming up with ?s that are just too freakin' hard.

But what I'd like to do is open this posting up to my fellow Horror bloggers with a question - what is you favorite bit of Horror Trivia? What is the one factoid that you know, and might well be the sole possessor of this magnificent truth? Movies, TV, comics, radio -- it's all fair game. As I mentioned once before, you can play the contest for years without getting a Horror question offered up to you, but it also should be said that one of the most famous questions in the contest - and one that gets asked every year during the final hour - is, "What is the player's name on the baseball bat that Wendy Torrence uses to hit her husband Jack in the movie The Shining?" You all know, of course, that it's Carl Yastrzemski, right? Yeah, that's kinda the level we're looking for. And if you want to pose it (or them, if you have multiples) in the form of a question, go ahead. Zombies and Trivia Players - they both need brains, so go ahead and strut your stuff, Jarheads!

* I could explain what it represents, but you'd have to be drunk to understand it, and then you'd just forget it anyway.


Pax Romano said...

Off the top of my head, I can only come up with :What was the name of the Film that Chris McNeil was shooting during the Exorcist - bonus points if you know the name of the film that Detective Kinderman tells her was his favorite.

senski said...

I remember that Chris' film she was shooting was Crash Course, but I'd have to go to the Interweb or watch the movie again for the next one. Do you mean Kinderman's favorite film of Chris, Pax? Wasn't that Angel?

Pax Romano said...

You win!